Chrome lignosulfonate

Chrome Lignosulfonate Description

Chrome Lignosulfonate is obtained by mixing or reacting routine lignosulfonate into the molecular structure some form of chromium .Chrome lignosulfonate is a popular type of deflocculant that contains iron and chromium salts.

Main Specification

Item Requirement
Moisture 8.5%max
Insoluble in water 2.5%max
CaSO4 3.0%
Total Cr 3.6~4.2
Cr complex 75.0%max

Mud performance

Item Fresh water drilling mud Salt water
drilling mud
Normal temperature Apparent viscosity
≤30 ≤30
Rate of reducing viscosity   % ≥85 ≥65
High temperature Apparent viscosity
≤40 ≤45
Rate of reducing viscosity   % ≥60 ≥60


  • Anti- high temperature. It can anti the high temperature between 150℃ to 160℃, the  property of the  mud can stay the same during the 16 hours.
  •  Anti- salt. It can anti the salt of 2%. The mud property of salt water is better than FCLS (Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate).
  •  Dilution. The dilution is better than FCLS in the same mud.
  •  It is suitable to all kinds of mud due to the excellent thinning property, filtration control capacity and powerful anti-electrolytes.


Chrome Lignosulfonate can be added into drilling fluids in the form of aqueous solution or powder. When you change PH index into 10.0~10.5, the quantity of thinner was 0.5~1.0 % (W/V).


25kg.per bag (net weight), With PE film bag inside and paper-plastic complex valve bag outside.

Chrome Lignosulfonate TDS and MSDS

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