Potassium Lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonate binders, emulsifiers and dispersants

The only lignin products obtained from a pulping process that have found a vast range of applications up to now are lignosulfonates. These are non-hazardous materials with excellent properties that are used as binders, emulsifiers and dispersants for a great variety of materials. As inexpensive components in binders, […]

Lignosulfonate Application

Lignosulfonates are obtained from sulfite pulping processes wherein cellulose is extracted from wood in the pulp industry. The so-called sulfite pulping process involves mixing sulfur dioxide (SO2) with an aqueous solution of base to generate the raw liquor for cooking the wood. In water, […]


Lignosulfonate retarder

Lignosulfonates retard the setting of cement. While this retardationcan occasionally be advantageous, under certain weather conditions (e.g. in cool weather) the setting time may be extended to an impractical length of time. Approximately a quarter of the total solids in spent liquor is […]

Sodium Lignosulfonate Grade One

What is lignosulfonate(lignosulphonate)?

Lignosulfonates (often abbreviated as LS) is byproducts from the production of wood pulp using sulfite pulping,is one of the first dispersants added as an admixture to concrete. Lignosulfonates are recovered from the spent pulping liquids (red or brown liquor) from sulfite pulping. Ultrafiltration can also be […]