GREEN AGROCHEM-LIGNIN has been working in field of lignin R&D and application for more than 15 years.Daily production capability is 150MT.We have more 25 lignin scientists  who are providing sustainable technology support for our lignosulfonate R&D.

Main Products are Lignin,sodium lignosulfonate,calcium lignosulfonate,ammonium lignosulfonate,magnesium lignosulfonate,potassium lignosulfonate,chrome lignosulfonate and so on.


Agriculture,Coal Briquettes or refinery coke binder,Dust suppressants(Dust control agent)and surface stabilizer,Ceramics,Animal feed pellets,Carbon black,Cement.

Our R&D

R&D is key to a company especially for chemical company. Now our R&D is organized by two chemical experts leading a group of practical team members most of them are post graduates, their innovative mind always create a lot of new and interesting goods.

Production and QC

Monthly production is around 3000MT
Our production is strictly following customers’ requirement.Every step is the lab will make test and every batch are under QC department control.


We have strong Our logistics to make sure delivery on time.


Our marketing team is organized by English spoken guys major with Chemicals with at least 15 years exporting experience. Accordingly lubricate a lot of better communication for business negotiation.

After sales service

Every order is strictly required to make history record into computer data bank, especially the sample kept with customer traceable right for 4 years. Accordingly we are responsible for goods quality. As far as goods application we could provide efficient field observer and guidance.