Through the above experiments it can be concluded :
1 . L from the experiment can be seen in the amount of sodium silicate dosage to maintain the original premise of constant 80 kg with 20 kg of lignosulfonate,replace the original formula of sodium tripolyphosphate and methyl 14 kg 20 kg , body strength to meet the requirements described lignosulfonate   to increase the strength of the body is effective . But the experiment a larger flow rate , indicating that the solution of lignosulfonate condensate as effective as sodium tripolyphosphate. Experiment 2 increased the amount of sodium silicate slurry flow rate declined sharply solution coagulant dosage instructions are not optimal.
2 . Comparative Experiment 2 and Experiment 3 Experiment 4 and Experiment 6 , in the case where the same amount of sodium silicate , sodium lignosulfonate  can be increased within the range of decrease in a small flow rate of the slurry described certainly has some lignosulfonatesolution coagulation effect but the effect is limited.
3 . From the Experiment 3 , Experiment 4 and Experiment 5 can be concluded , as the increase of the amount of water glass , plus a slurry flow rate of sodium lignosulfonate  sodium silicate at 120 kg, the minimum amount of water glass when an amount of 120 kg mud condensate to achieve the best solution .
4 . As can be seen from the experiment sodium lignosulfonate  added in an amount as increasing the strength of the body is constantly increasing , adding green strength 20,30,40 kilograms were 0.90MPa, 0.98MPa, 1 .06 MPa, lignosulfonatedescribed reinforcing effect of the body and is obviously advantageous to reduce the flow rate of the mud , can be used to increase the strength of the body .
5 . From the experimental results , the use of experimental and experimental 6 4 additive ratio more appropriate body formulations using a new additive , because of the apparent specific gravity than the original increase the moisture content of the mud reduced by 2 % per ton of heavy powder consumption reduced by nearly 4 kg of heavy oil savings of more than 10% energy saving effect is very obvious.
6 . Alternate introduction of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, lignosulfonate  and sodium tripolyphosphate formulation reduces the cost of the body.