Calcium Lignosulfonate Details

Calcium Lignosulfonate

What is Calcium Lignosulfonate?

Calcium lignosulfonate (Calcium Lignosulfonate)belongs to the class of organic compounds known as lignans, neolignans and related compounds.

Calcium lignosulfonate is an extremely weak basic (essentially neutral) compound (based on its pKa). Calcium lignosulfonate is an odorless tasting compound.

Calcium Lignosulfonate Structure

These are plant products of low molecular weight formed primarily from oxidative coupling of two p-propylphenol moieties. They can also be described as micromolecules with two phenylpropanoid units coupled together.

They can be attached in various manners, like C5-C5′, C8-C8′.
Most known natural lignans are oxidized at C9 and C9´ and, based upon the way in which oxygen is incorporated into the skeleton and on the cyclization patterns, a wide range of lignans of very different structural types can be formed.

Calcium Lignosulfonate Raw Material

It´s a raw material that comes from the Industrialized process of the sugar cane,hard woods,reed , the Vinasse resulting from the process of obtaining alcohol or sugar, is treated and stabilized anionically through advanced production technology.

Calcium Lignosulfonate Property

1.It´s mainly used in the manufacture of water-reducing aditives, retarders, increases resistance, resistance accelerate. This products are used as a component in the concrete: Preformed, reinforced, prestressed, precast and large masses commercial concrete, which is used in projects such as: buildings, dams, elevated bridges, roads, town planning, complex structures, cryogenic complex.

2.Used as a raw material for water reducing agents up to 22.5% for every m³ of concrete.

3.It reduces the use of cement up to 25 Kg per m³ of concrete.
It´s Maintains and increase the compressive strength of concrete.
Avoid mixture segregation.

4.Increases workability and compaction of vibrated.
Has electrostatic particles of the same sign of cement that makes it´s dispersion is total.

5.Allows the waterproofing of structures where the additive was used.
Negatively charged aggregates for better homogenization.
Does not requiere to use another productor for healing process.
Does not contain Chlorides.

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