Lignosulfonate Fertilizer

Ammonium Lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonates (lignosulphonate)widely used in many industries ,like construction admixture,ceramics,dyes,animal feed,industrial binder most importantly is agriculture fertilizer.

Lignosulfonates has sodium lignosulfonate,calcium lignosulfoate,magnesium lignosulfonate ,ammonium lignosulfonate,potassium lignosulfonate and Zinc lignosulfonate,Cupper lignosulfonate,Boron lignosulfonate.

In general ,except sodium lignosulfonate,all other lignosulfonates can be used in agriculture as fertilizer.But most these raw materials has heavy metals and other toxins ,if can not remove these heavy metals can use only in industry.

We need control the raw material when in paper industry pulping process,to remove the heavy metals and other toxins get healthy lignosulfonates.

Ammonium lignosulfonate can supply stable nitrogen and slow release ,greatly increase the utilization of nitrogen and also supply lignin as plants growth regulator.

Potassium lignosulfonate can supply potassium and other trace elements,as well as sugar in plant form.

Magnesium lignosulfonate and calcium lignosulfonate can supply calcium oxide and magnesium oxide also the lignin supply carbon and cellulose to plants.

The other trace elements lignosulfonates can supply TE in plants absorb able form.

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