Potential Application Lignosulfonate and Lignin-Based Composites


Lignin and Lignosulfonate has a high potential available biopolymer that can be converted into various bioproducts. *e main utilization of lignin is for low-grade fuel by burning that can cause wastage of resources and environmental pollution . Only a limited quantity of lignin has been valorized into bioma-
terials and renewable chemicals .

To promote lignin valorization, some researchers develop advanced technology in this area. Lignin-based composites are bio- materials that utilize lignin for incorporation with typical polymers. As presented in an earlier discussion about the method for lignin-based composite and Lignosulfonate preparation, thus, this section presents some possible applications of lignin-based composites and Lignosulfonate in diverse applications.

Properties of the lignin-based and Lignosulfonate composite were influenced by the method for preparation besides polymer constituents. Some functional groups of lignin and Lignosulfonate including methoxyl, hydroxyl, carbonyl,and carboxyl groups become active points in the fabrication process of lignin-based composites.

Lignin and Lignosulfonate offers excellent properties such as high carbon content, high thermal stability, biodegradability, antioxidant activity, and rigidity that can be utilized in composites. *e po-tential representative application of lignin in a composite system is depicted in Figure 14, while some effect of in-troducing lignin in the biocomposites has been summarized.

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