Ammonium Humate

Ammonium Lignohumate is in black granules,soluble in water.Mainly used as base fertilizer in agriculture.Suggested to mix with NPK fertilizer.

Main Specification

NameAmmonium Lignohumate
Product CodeGAC-NHLSHA-G
AppearanceBlack granule
PHAround 9-10
Water solubility50.0%min


  1. Improve soil structure.Regulate PH of soiland increase soil fertility.The optimum pH range for most plants is between 5.5 and 7.0,Humic acid has direct function to balance the pH of soil,to make soil pH suitable for plants growth. Humic acid could largely stabilized nitrogen storage and slow release,P is release from AL +in soil,also other microelement is in the form of easy-available by plants, meanwhile the beneficial fungi is active to produce different kind help to create a crumble structure of soil to increase macro elements and micro elements binding capacity and water holding capacity ,thus increase soil fertility.
  2. Create good living environment for microbial mass . Humic acid could directly improve soil structure thus to create good environment for microbial mas living environment,thus these microbial mas production will help to improve soil structure.
  3. Promote seed germination in short time,Greatly increase harvest and fruits quality. Humic acid maximize macro and micro elements absorption like nitrogen,then slow release.
  4. Greatly increase plants capability counter stress and disease.


1.25kg woven bags with liner inside.

2.According to customer’s requirement.