Ammonium Lignosulfonate

Ammonium Lignosulfonate is water soluble yellow brown powder.As bio stimulant of plant,usually used as foliar spray fertilizer and irrigation fertilizer.

Main Specification

NameAmmonium Lignosulfonate
Product CodeGAC-NHLS
AppearanceYellow Brown powder
Dry maters95%min
Calcium and magnesium2%min
Total reducing matter7%
Density0. 532g/cm3
Total nitrogen3%-5%


1.Improve soil structure,increase harvest,improve quality of fruits.

2.Increase root vitality, promote nutrient uptake,increased chlorophyll synthesis,promote seed germination.

3.Foliar applications can be timed to meet the needs of specific plant growth requirements such as to activate vegetative growth, flowering, fruit set, or filling and ripening of fruits.

4.Chlorophyll development within plant leaves is more pronounced when fulvic is present in the foliar fertiliser. Humic acids and fulvic acids also increase the concentration of messenger ribonucleic acids (m RNA) In plant cells. Messenger RNA is essential for many biochemical processes within cells. Activation of several biochemical processes results in an increase in enzyme synthesis and an increase in the protein of the leaves.


  1. 25 kg woven bags with liner inside.
  2. jumbo bags with bottom dischare