Calcium Lignosulfonate

Calcium Lignosulfonate (Molecular Formula C20H24CaO10S2)CAS No.8061-52-7, is yellow brown soluble powder.By nature is polymer electrolyte having a molecular weight from the 1,000-100000. 10000-40000 dispersion.can be used as concrete superplasticizer. Cement slurry thinners, sand reinforcement, pesticide emulsifier, dispersant dressing, leather pre-tanning agent, ceramic or refractory plasticizer, an oil or dam grouting gel,calcium and magnesium fertilizer and so on.

Main Specification

NameCalcium Lignosulfonate Grade OneCalcium Lignosulfonate Grade TwoCalcium Lignosulfonate Grade Three
Product Code     GAC-CaLS-1 GAC-CaLS-2 GAC-CaLS-3
Appearance Light Yellow powder Yellow Brown powderYellow Brown powder
Dry maters     95%min 95%min95%min
Water-insoluble     1.5%max 2%max2.5%max
Sulphate     2%min 2%min2%min
Total Calcium&magnesium(sulfate)     5%-8%  5%-8%5%-6%
Lignosulphonate     55%min 50%min50%min
Sugar     9%-10%  9%-12%10-12%
Reducing Sugar     7%around 7%around7%around
Ash     12%max 13%-16%18%-21%
Bulk Density(kg/m3)     205 205205
Moisture     7%Max 7%max7%


1.Calcium lignosulfonate used as water reduction in concrete.

Calcium lignosulofnate superplasticizer is a surface-active agent, added to the concrete, due to the orientation of hydrophobic groups adsorbed on cement particle surface, so that a negative charge of cement. Cement particles have the same charge in the charge repulsion exclusion from each other under the action of dispersion of cement in water the initially-formed into a dispersion structure floc structure, flocculation cohesion body of free water is released, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing agent.

2.Calcium lignosulfonate used animal feed additives.

  • Function to Digestion system.To feed a variety of complex molecular nutrients fully decomposed and a good organic combination, increase gastrointestinal function, and promote the role of protein assimilation.
  • Impact of endocrine function.lignosulfonate and lignohumate can stimulate the secretion of certain glands, inhibition of sympathetic nerve, causing drowsiness, so that the body is in sleep or quiet state of time increased, general body movement and visceral activity decreased, this is conducive to the assimilation of the whole body , So that the organ system can be restored in time, on the other hand when the animal sleep temperature, heat consumption and excess exercise energy consumption decreased, the relative increase in storage energy, so that the muscle and fat deposition increased, improved feed conversion rate.
  • Anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect.lignosulfonate and lignohumate can be activated by the pituitary – adrenal system to promote the release of corticosteroids and ACTH, inhibition of prostaglandin E synthesis (prostaglandin is the pain process of the media), and can fight against lymphoid capillary permeability increased.
  • Antiviral effects.lignosulfonate and lignohumate and antibiotics are different from the decomposition of mold and bacteria, while the virus protein denaturation, resulting in anti-viral effect.

3.Dust suppressants(Dust control agent)and surface stabilizer

Lignosulfonate could work as effective dust control agent and surface stabilizer .As e all know lignin has strong ability to bind cellulose and fiber to increase tree firmness.So this feature could be much more environment.

4.Used as fertilizer

Can supply organic calcium and magnesium in a fast way.Improve soil structure,increase soil fertilizer and so on.

5.Leather tanning.


1.25kgs woven bags with liner inside.

2According Customers’requirement.