Chrome Free Lignosulfonate

Chrome Free Lignosulfonate was introduced to the drilling industry long time ago used as water-based mud reagent in a wide variety of drilling environments and over a broad temperature range.Has good thinning performance and filtration control capacity the mud performance of fresh water is better than salt water mud.With anti-high temperature 150℃,it can cooperate with other admixture agent.

Main Specification

Material insoluble to water2.5%max
pH(2% water solution)2.8~3.8
AppearanceBrown powder

Mud performance

ItemFresh water drilling mudSalt water
drilling mud
Normal temperatureApparent  viscosity  mPa.s≤20≤25
Rate of reducing viscosity %≥85≥65
High temperatureApparent viscosity   mPa.s≤35≤45
Rate of reducing viscosity %≥60≥45

Application thinner may be added into drilling fluids either in the form of solution or powder. PH:10.0~10.5
2.As thinner ,fresh water mud 1.0%(W/V), salt water mud 2.0%(W/V).


25kg net weight. With PE film bag inside and paper-plastic complex bag outside.