Chrome lignosulfonate

CHROME LIGNOSULFONATE is chrome activated lignosulfonate,used in all water-based drilling fluids as a deflocculant and thinner fluid loss additive. It is effective in all water-based systems including freshwater,seawater, salt, lime, gypsum, and brackish water.

Main Specification

Insoluble in water2.5%max
Total Cr3.6~4.2
Cr complex75.0%max

Mud performance

ItemFresh water drilling mudSalt water
drilling mud
Normal temperatureApparent viscosity
Rate of reducing viscosity   %≥85≥65
High temperatureApparent viscosity
Rate of reducing viscosity   %≥60≥60


1. Anti- high temperature. It can anti the high temperature between 150℃ to 160℃, the  property of the  mud can stay the same during the 16 hours.
2. Anti- salt. It can anti the salt of 2%. The mud property of salt water is better than FCLS (Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate).
3. Dilution. The dilution is better than FCLS in the same mud.
4. It is suitable to all kinds of mud due to the excellent thinning property, filtration control capacity and powerful anti-electrolytes.


Chrome Lignosulfonate can be added into drilling fluids in the form of aqueous solution or powder. When you change PH index into 10.0~10.5, the quantity of thinner was 0.5~1.0 % (W/V).


25kg.per bag (net weight), With PE film bag inside and paper-plastic complex valve bag outside.