Magnesium Lignosulfonate

Magnesium Lignosulfonate is by product of paper industry from sulfite pulping process,in brown powder form,by nature  is anionic polyelectrolyte polymers.Can be used as water reducer,dispersant of pesticide and viscosity depressant,Binder of powdery and granular materials,Dust supressant and so on.

Main Specification

NameMagnesium Lignosulfonate
Product CodeGAC-MgLS
AppearanceYellow Brown Powder
Dry maters95%min
Total magnesium and calcium8%min
Total reducing matter7%min


1.Magnesium Lignosulfonate can be directly used in concrete as a common water reducing agent. It can also be used together with high efficient water reducing agents such as naphthalene series and melamine series water reducing agent. It is a raw material with good performance to price ratio for producing set retarding water reducing agent and set retarding pumping agent. It can be used widely as adhesive, strengthening agent and water shutoff agent in smelting, ceramic and petroleum industries.

2.Binding agent.

As e all know lignin has strong ability to bind cellulose and fiber to increase tree firmness.So this feature could be much more environment-friendly and economic choice compared with other petroleum based products.Thus Lignosulfonate is naturally an adhesive, working as a binding agent  in pellets or compressed materials. Also could used in Plywood & particle board,Fertilizers , casting and so on.

3.Dust Suppresant

Lignosulfonate binds the road dust surface particle,when evaporate it will become the high-viscosity, naturally sticky material traps dust particles,then after sun heat will make a water resistant durable dust control surface.



  1. 25kgs woven bags with liner inside,
  2. According Customers’