Super is refined sodium lignosulfonate,is in water soluble powder form,with lignosulfonate content 95%min,ash around 12%max.

NameSodium Lignosulphonate Super Grade
Product Code     GAC-NaLS-Super
Appearance     Black powder
PH value     9.0
Dry maters     95%min
Water-insoluble     0.5%max
Calcium and magnesium     0.5max
Lignosulphonate     95%min
Moisture     7%Max
Ash   3-5%

Super Sodium Lignosulfonate Uses

The advantages of employing sulfonated lignins as dispersants in dyestuff compositions are based on their unique physical properties which include good compatibility with many dye systems, outstanding dispersant characteristics at ambient and elevated temperatures, and availability.

There are certain disadvantages in employing lignins, whether they are sulfite lignins or sulfonated kraft lignins, as dispersants. Negative factors in the use of such lignins as dyestuff additives relate to problems of high inorganic salt content, i.e., electrolyte content, when lowered in pH, foaming, high pH, fiber staining, poor heat stability, and high viscosity.

These adverse properties are troublesome to dyers and many attempts have been made to overcome these and other disadvantages.Inorganic electrolyte content of lignin dispersants and dyestuff additives greatly effect their use in a specific dyestuff additive formulation. High electrolyte content of a lignin dispersant imposes unwanted side effects on hydrophobic dyestuffs. In vat dyes, high salt content of the lignin additives can cause harmful rheological effects during storage of the dyes.

The viscosity of the oxidized form in the presence of salts generally increases to a level where the dye mixture can only be removed from a storage container with considerable difficulty.

Recent use in this country of double strength dyes over powder dyes has necessitated a reduced application level of the lignin dispersants in order to accomodate the increased amount of dye, thus dictating that the dispersant be in its purest state possible.


  1. 25kgs woven bags with liner inside.
  2. 2According Customers’requirement.